kesai, n.insufficient quantity.
kesai a sesei; mekesai; diak le betok, kesai el udoud.
kesengiln.poss.3sat most; at least; a small quantity of something; a large quantity of something (said sarcastically or in astonishment).
kesengil a klsai er ngii; kot er eou el ildois; ng soak a udoud el kesengil e ng $1,000.00.
kekesaiv.s.redup.rather insufficient.
kekesai a telkib el kesai; diak le betok; ngesonges.
kesaiv.s.insufficient; not enough; few.
kesengeiv.s.inch.becoming scarce, few or insufficient; not enough; few (when describing multiple objects, people, etc.).
mekesai a kesai; sesei el kall, sesemuk el chemachel; mekesai el udoud.
kesai el malkexpr.a bit of chicken.
me a kuk at least.
> I'll fix or do it in ten days at most.
> I have less money than you.
> Your fine is at least five dollars.
> There are too many.
More Examples:
> You caught a lot of fish so at least give me one red snapper.
> That's a lot of coconuts.
> You visit Koror frequently so at least visit your relatives.
> Palauan language is limited and there are many foreign words being used.

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