mengeteket, v.t.delay.
mengeteket a omekioud; koteketii a urreor; koteket a omerael; keteketel. a mengeteket er ngii; rulliii el mo meoud. a mengeteket; mekioud, mla koteket a babier, remuul el mo meoud.
kaketeketv.recip.delay each other.
kaketeket a didu el mengeteket; omekioud er tir, koteketii a omerael, koteket a kles, keteketel.
keteketallv.a.s.keteketall a kirel a omengeteket; koteketii, omekioud, koteket a mlai, mengeteket, keteketel.
mekeketeketv.erg.redup.get somewhat delayed; spend some time.
mekeketeket a telkib el meketeket; telkib el meoud; klteket.
meketeketv.erg.get delayed; spend a protracted period of time.
meketeket a klteket; mla memong; tekoi er a meketeketang, klteketel.
meketeketangv.erg.inch.get very delayed; spend a very protracted period of time.
See also:
> Will you stay long in Palau?
> Whenever I was just patient and waited for a little while, I was certain to have a good idea.
More Examples:
> Will you stay long in Palau?
> Has it been raining long?

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