mesei, n.taro patch.
mesei a meselech; blil a dellomel el dait; kukau a ngeuul er a mesei. A mesei aike el chutem el blechoel el klou el ralm er ngii me ng medemedemk e dellomel a dait er ngii.
meklecheln.poss.3smeklechel a mesei er ngii; meselech.
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> The taro patch sunk into the mud.
> I'm going to the taro garden to get some yellow taro.
> Your legs are your taro patch.
Your legs will find you good fortune, you seek what you desire
> The taro field is the mother of our life
Not only is taro an important staple in the Palauan diet, but a serving of taro is essential at any feast and taro is the essential food in a food-money exchange. Its importance is recognized in this idiom.
More Examples:
> The mango tree at the taro swamp is covered with fruits.
> I'm going to the taro garden to get two yellow taro.
> Go and bring my basket so we can go to the taro patch.
> The frogs laid their eggs in the moat around the taro swamp.
> The pond at the taro swamp has a lot of water eels.

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