melabd, (animal, fish); remove bark or outer fiber (of plant); husk (coconut); scrape skin (of body); scrape inside off (molech = trepang) .
melabd a melai a buld; omkobk, melabd a buuch, tobdii, tuabd a budel, tebdel. a melabd er ngii. a melabd; melai a buld; tuabd a budel a kerrekar, tobdii a telebudel; tebdel a kerrekar.
ketabdv.recip.scratch each other; scrape off each other's skin.
/tebdall to be skinned/scraped.
v.r.s.skinned; scraped
telabd a telebudel; mla metabd; nglai budel; telabd el malk.
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> He slipped and scratched his arm.
> Puffed out like a puffer fish.
A boastful person is like a puffer fish, full of air and not edible, hence not worthy of note.
More Examples:
> He or she slipped and scratched his or her arm.

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