melatech, v.t.clean; scrub; wash (thoroughly).
melatech a meruul el mo beches, ngotechii a ulaol, mellib; ngmatech a mlai, ngetechel. a melatech er ngii.
ngmatech a melatech; ngmatech a belatong.
kengatechv.recip.wash (something) together or in group.
kengatech a di du el melatech; ngotechii, ngmatech, meriso, kengatech a olekang, ngetechel.
/ngetechall to be cleaned, scrubbed or washed.
ngetachel a kirel el mengatech; ngotechii; ngmatech a mlai; ngetechel.
v.r.s.nglatech a ngeltachel; mla mengatech el mo beches.
ngeltachel a nglatech, mla mengatech; blai a ngeltachel me ng beches; ngmatech, ngetechel.
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> You're washing your hands with soap.

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