melecheb, v.t.remove something from wherever it is attached or stuck; scrape up (food, gum etc); cut out (appendix); perform abortion on; uproot (plant); cut close to roots; flow towards and soak into or seep under.
melecheb a nguu er a ngot; tochebii a belsiich; tuecheb. a melecheb er ngii el belsiich a melecheb; tuecheb a belsiich; techebel.
/techibel to be removed/scraped up/cut out/uprooted.
techeball a techibel; kirel el metecheb; nguu a belsiich er a ngot, tochebii a nguu el rokir, nguu er a uchul.
techibel a techeball.
telechebv.r.s.removed; scraped up; cut out; uprooted.
telecheb a nglai el cheroid; mla metecheb a belsiich; tuecheb a chetermall; tochebii a debsel a lius.
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> Like the mud fish of the Bngei lagoon, drawn to the passing wind
The reef fish mud seldom leaves a given rock or cleft in the reef, but according to this saying the mud of Bngei lagoon, near Airai, may be attracted away from their locus by the dust raised by a passing school of fish. The latter portion of this proverb is difficult to translate. The word melecheb may be applied to a person drawn forward by a current of water. Rrengor refers to a movement of air caused by one body passing another. The idiom is applied to a changeable person, a faddist, or a joiner

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