melemiakl, v.t.climb on.
melemiakl a ngmasech; ngomiakl a buuch; ngimiklii a lius, ngimeklel.
/ngomiklii a melemiakl er ngii.
ngomiklii a melemiakl er ngii. a melemiakl; ngomiakl a lius me a buuch.
/ngimekill to be climbed on.
ngemikill a beot el mengemiakl; ngimikill el buuch a kekedeb.
ngimekill a beot el mengemiakl; ngimeklii, kekedeb el buuch a ngimekill, melemiakl, ngimeklel.
nglemiaklv.r.s.climbed on.
nglemiakl a mla mengemiakl; mla melemiakl er ngii; buuch a ngimeklel.
sekengemiaklv.s.always wanting to climb on things.
sekengemiakl a meduis; soal e meduch el melemiakl; ngimeklii a buuch; ngomiakl a metongakl el lius.
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