melengel, n.poss.3sany section of road; tree; etc. between beginning and end; top and bottom; etc.
melengel a lengel; ngii di le ker er a rael.
belelengelv.s.redup.very long/tall.
belelengel a mekemanget; kekemanget.
melengel a omeraelexpr.middle of journey; on the way.
melengel a skuulexpr.middle of school day or year.
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melengel, v.t.halt or stop from the side; head off; attack; surround; ensnare; trap (oneself); get oneself into trouble or hot water.
melengel a merrob; torob; dengerenger a melengel a mlai e melai a udoud. a melengel er ngii, melenget er ngii; merechorech a chemiis me a bulis a engelii. a melengel; osiuekl a mlai e olengit a ngikel, imengel a ngikel e omurech; bulis a mla iengelii a merechorech.
ilengelv.r.s.halted or stopped from the side; headed off.
ilengel a ollumel el delasech el kerrekar, ilengel a mui er a ralm, klalo er a irechar.
keengelv.recip.keengel a didu el melengel; engelii a mlai, imengel a udoud, kauretakl a keengel e chachedecheduch.
v.recip.stop or block each other.
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> I got myself into hot water.

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