chais, n., [From English ice] ice (frozen water); ice cube.
chais a ralm el kmal imis er a kelekolt me ng medecherecher.
emel, n.poss.3sinterior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel.
emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech.
melim, v.t.drink.
melim a omerkakl a ralm; soak el melim a mengur; ngilmii, nguim a rrom.
rasech, n.blood.
rasech a bekerekard el lmel a bdengel a outeliil; osechel a klengar; rasech a usbechall er a klengar; merserasech; rsechel.

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