melitech, v.t.wedge; put wedge under (something) to open it or make it move.
melitech a oba a cheldngelel a chimal el mengibs; merutech er a telkib; kekerei, itechii, melitech er a urrekerek el uasech. a melitech er ngii. a melitech; locha titech; titechii, tmitech a osib; titechel.
v.recip.(persons, animals, plants) wedged or crowded closely together.
kaiuetitech a di du el oltitech; di du el orribech; otitechii el mo er uchei, otitech a kingall, otitechel.
ketitech a kaiuetitech; keseked; kiei er a kosekodel, rechad a ketitech er a blai.
telitech a ngar ngii a titech er ngii; mla titechii a medidai el osib; tmitech a kamang, melitech, thechel to be wedged.
titechall a kirel el metitech; loia titechel; titechii a osib; tmitech a oles, melitech; titechel.
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> He left the road to look at the lion he had killed, and he was surprised to find a swarm of bees.

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