melius, v.t.swear at; revile; speak obscenely to; friendly teasing using father's side references.
melius a melekoi a tekoi er a oreomel, sius; siuesii; smius; siuesel.
/siuesii a melius er ngii.
kesiusv.recip.(fathers side relatives) swear at each other.
kesius a didu ei melius; melekoi a tekoi er a oreomel; siuesii, kesius el kaiuediu a rederrir.
seliusv.r.s.(fathers side relative) having been sworn at or spoken obscenely towards.
selius a mla mesius; mechas a selius er a dengerenger; diak longull a melius; siuesii. sellesilek; llel a kerrekar a sellesilek; eolt a mla smodel a llel a kerrekar.
/suokl to be sworn at.
susall a suokl.
siuesall a suokl; kirel el mesius; siuesall a di ngii el mekedong a sius.
suokl a chad el omekedong a sius; kirel el mesius; siuesii e le ng melekoirael.
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> I didn't mean to cuss or swear. It slipped out of my mouth.

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