melobech, v.t.chop down (tree); cut (hand, finger, etc.); walk straight through or across; take shortcut through or across.
melobech a dobechii; dobesii; duobech, melobech a ngikel, kerrekar; debechel. a melobech er ngii; mla dobechii a kerrekar, debechel. a melobech; tmuk, duobech a delemelel el diokang me a dait.
/debechall to be chopped down.
debachel a kirel el medobech; medebes, metuk, dobesii, dobechii a kerrekar, duobech a bambuu, melobech a ngikel,
delebachelv.r.s.chopped down.
delebachel a mla medobech; delobech er a kedorm, melobech, dobechii, duobech a ngikel, debechel.
delobechv.r.s.(tree) chopped down; (hand; finger; etc.) cut.
kedobechv.recip.cut each other.
kedobech a betok el kedauch; di du el melobech; di du el melebes, rengalek a mekngit el lolab a oles le te mo kedobech.
melelebelobechv.redup.keep chopping.
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> Which part of your arm is cut?
More Examples:
> He or she played with a knife and accidentally cut his or her arm.
> I'm going to cut down banana leaves for compost.
omelobech, n.ceremony for the appointment of a new chief.
melobechmelobech a rubak el meruul er a klou el blengur el kirir a resechelil; debechel
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More Examples:
> I'm going to cut down banana leaves for compost.

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