meluluuch, v.t.pray to; plead to; implore; apologize to.
meluluuch a olengit; ngunguchii me lebechei a belsel me a ududel; ngunguchel. a meluluuch er ngii.
kangunguuchv.recip.apologize to each other.
kangunguuch a didu el meluluch; ketngakireng; ngunguchii a telord, katertord a kangunguuch, melngakl a reng; ngunguchel.
mengunguuchv.erg.mengunguuch a nglunguuch; mla ngunguchii; ungia rengul e le ng mla mengunguuch; ngunguchel.
v.r.s.prayed to.
nglunguuch a mla mengunguuch; ng nglunguuch me ng ungia rengul; ngunguchel. to be prayed to.
ngunguchall a kirel el mengunguuch; ngunguchii me le cheridii er a rrom; ngunguchall el mo soal el mo er a skuul; ngunguchel.
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> He went up a hill by himself to pray. When evening came, Jesus was there alone.

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