, v.t.test out; risk; dare; taste; check flavor of.
mengarem a choremii; melasem a telemtemul; chuarem a kall; ke mengarem a mecherocher? a mengarem er ngii.
chelarem a mla mecharem; seliik a telemtemul, chormii, chuarem a chelang, mengarem, cheremel a kall.
/chermall to be tasted.
cheromel a dellomel el soal a charem el mengang, chemutii a cheromel
mecharemv.erg.mecharem a chelarem; choremii, mla msa telemtemul; mengarem, klengoes a mla mecharem, chermel a klengoes.
chuarm a daobexpr.first day after full moon.
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> Toki is suffering because of her living conditions.
> You are the one who will suffer.

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