mengat, v.t.smoke (fish; etc.); dry (wrapped tapioca); give (someone) steam bath (so as to regain strength; esp. after childbirth); smoke out (mosquitoes; etc.).
mengat a chemat a ngikel; otur a omechell; chetul. a mengat er ngii; multiple fish.
chemat a mengat, chemat a ngikel er a orrangel, chotur a omechell, chetul.
chachatv.recip.chachat a di du el mengat; chotur, chemat, chachat a ngikel, chetul.
v.r.s.smoked (fish).
chelat a ulekmarek el ngikel er a chat; cheltuul; mla mechat, chotur, chemat a ngikel, chetul.
cheltuul a chelat; mla mechat, chotur, chemat, cheltuul el ngikel.
chetuulv.a.s.(fish) smoked; having the potential of giving off too much smoke.
chetuul a kirel el mechat; techa mengat a ngikel? chotur, chemat a ngikel, chetul.
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> I'm proud of you.
More Examples:
> The yellow striped sweet lips we caught are good smoked.

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