mengaud, v.t.dam; delay; stop (blood).
mengaud a melenget; koudii a beng er a ngikel; mechas a mla kmaud a bong; kudel, kaud.
/koudii a mengaud er ngii; tongetengii, loia kaud, mla mekaud a ralm. a melenget; mengaud a ralm, koudii a bong, kudel.
v.r.s.dammed; delayed.
klaud a telengetongel; mla mekaud; telenget, ralm a klaud, skoki a klaud er a eolt, kudel.
kleuidel a telenget; mla mekaud; klaud, kleuidel a ralm, omerael a kleuidel er a eolt; koudii a ralm, kmaud, mengaud, kudel. to be dammed or delayed.
kudall a kirel el mekaud; melecha kaud, koudii a ralm, kmaud a bong, kudel.
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> I was delayed by the rain.

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