mengedecheduch, about; discuss; tell (story); orate; preach.
mengedecheduch a melekoi; ouchais, chudecheduch a melung el tekoi, chudechedechar; chedechedechal. a mengedecheduch er ngii; melekoi.
/chadecheduch a melekoi, mengedecheduch a ikel soal.
chedechedechalv.a.s.chedechedechal a kirel mechiut el mo telengtungd; mengedeched er ngii. to be talked about or discussed.
chedechedechaol a kirel el mo rengii a tekoi; kirel el mechedecheduch; chedechedechaol el kirel a betok el ngodech el omerellel.
cheldecheduchv.r.s.talked about; discussed.
/chachedecheduch or converse with each other.
kachedecheduch a chachedecheduch; di du el mengedecheduch, rebeluu a kachedecheduch el kirel a urreor er a beches el rael; kakerous el melekoi.
chachedecheduch a di du el mengedecheduch, katekoi el kirel a chutem, chudecheduch, kachedecheduch.
mechedecheduchv.erg.mechedecheduch a kirel el medung; chudecheduch er a beluu, chudechedechar.
mengedecheduch er a rengulexpr.think; say to oneself.
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> Wilbur finished talking and the lambs came out.
> The meeting will begin at seven o'clock.
> They both spoke at the same time.
> I can only talk (with you) a little.
> We talked about lots of problems.
More Examples:
> The conference or the talk for the deceased will be in March.
> The discussion was still ongoing and he left.
> Hello, can I speak to the woman of the house? (when making a phone call)
> My daughter and I are talking about her schooling.
> These old man's kids will be talked about at the conference next month.

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