mengelechel, v.t.remind someone about; remind or reconfirm with (someone); warn.
mengelechel a omeklatk; cholechelii, cholechel a uldurokl me lak lobes; chelechelel. a mengelechel er ngii; lak e mobes. a mengelechel; olterkokl.
chachelechelv.recip.remind each other.
chachelechel a kauklatk; di du el mengelechel, cholechelii, lak douchais, cholechel, lak dobes. to be reminded.
chellechel a mla mechelechel; cholechelii me lak lobes; mengelechel lak louchais, chelechelel.
, n.thick branch coral.
mengelechel a the time of labek (i.e., time of large ocean swells and strong current); remind (usually, about big event).

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