mengerumet, v.t.wash inside of (bottle, bowl, pot, etc.) with circular motion; wash out (mouth, ear, etc.); brush (teeth); pump out (stomach, intestine); give enema or laxative.
mengerumet a melatech; churemetii; churumet a belatong; chermetel. a mengerumet er ngii. a mengerumet; omekbeches er a chelsel.
chelerrumetv.r.s.washed or pumped out.
chelerrumet a mla mecherumet; nglatech, churemetii a olekang, churumet, cheremetel. to be washed or pumped out.
cherematel a kirel el mecherumet; mengatech, churemetii, churumet a ollumel, cheremetel.
cherrumetv.s.(inside) cracked or broken.
cherrumet a mla mecherumet; mla mengatech, chelerrumet; churemetii, churumet a kob, mengerumet, chermetel.
mecherumetv.erg.mecherumet a chelerrumet; churemetii a ollumel, mla mecherumet, churumet, mellib; chermetel.
cherrumet a btilexpr.(woman) having insides worn out from too much sexual intercourse.
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