mengesengsang, v.t.redup.bother; do something nonsensical; talk nonsense; be in the way.
mengesengsang a diak el ultebechel; mengedecheduch el mengesengsang; chelsengsang; melebeseaol. a chosngur; smakd. a chosang, smakd, mengesengsang.
/kachesengsang to each other about trivial things.
chachesengsang a chachesang.
kachesengsang a chachidai; didu el mengesengsang; chachesengsang a bedengir.
chelsengsangv.r.s.redup.busy in bothering people; bothersome; nonsensical; trivial.
chelsengsang a diak lultebechel; diak lodengei a mera el tekoi mengesengsang;
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> You really like to listen to nonsense.

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