melodech, v.t.change; make (something) different.
melodech a ngodechii; ngmodech a llach; mekbeches; omeldechel a rael, ngedechel. a melodech er ngii; mo ngodech el diak le uaingii. a melodech; omekbeches, te mla ngmodech a teletelel a ocheraol.
v.recip.different (from each other).
kakengodech a diak losisiu; didu el ngodech; kakerous, Oreor a meseked er a rechad er a kakengodech el beluu.
nglodech a mla mengodech; mla mo beches; ngodechii a teletelel; ngmodech; ngedechel.
/ngedechall to be changed.
ngedechall a kirel el mengodech; mukbeches; ngodechii, ngedechel.
kengodech a tekingirexpr.(two people) say two different things about something.
kengodech a teletelirexpr.(two people) act or behave differently (from each other).
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> I find Droteo's actions suspicious or strange.
> What are you changing your mind?
More Examples:
> What was said this morning will stay as is until we resume tomorrow.

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