mengol, n.women living in bai as concubines (sent by neighboring village to earn money, or carried on shoulders of captors as war hostages).
mengelngeln.poss.3smengelngel a mengol er ngii el sechal.
klemat el mengoln.concubines brought as hostages.
n.(institutionalized) concubinage.
klomengelungel a omengol; blolobel, cheldebechel el dil el mo mengol er a ta er a beluu el melai a udoud el mei er a belurir; mengol a kedkad.
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mengol, v.t.carry on the shoulder; carry away; pick up; steal.
mengol a chemol; olab er a ongolngelel; mengol a kerrekar; chelngel.
/cholngii a mengol er ngii el ngikel. a mengol; kldoel a klalo er a ongelngelel; chelngel.
chellungelv.r.s.carried (off) on the shoulders; carrying someone or something on the shoulders.
chellungel a chelol; mla mechol; mengol a beras; chellungel a idungel, chelngel.
chelolv.r.s.carried on the shoulder; carried away; picked up; stolen. to be carried (off) on the shoulders.
mengolmengol a ta er a ulekerreuil a kemeldiil; chellungel, ngalek er a blai a mengol; chelngelel el beras; cholngii a sukal.
blolobel el mengol expr.institutionalized concubines.
mengol a otaor homosexual or gay (referring to men only).
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