mengull, v.t.respect; honor.
mengull a oldanges; melengmes, orrenges, kmull a llach, kullii a chelid; mengull a ilteet me a omerreder. a mengull er ngii; kullii a Chelid me a chad; melengmes. a mengull; a kedung a orrenges e ungil el kmull a llach; kmull a kuoll el sils.
kakullv.recip.respect each other.
kakull a didu el mengull; kullii, kmull a reng, klobak a kakull, kadengmes.
kebekuulv.recip.redup.kebekuul a omerreder; klebkall el chad a ulebang er a cherool; ilteet, Gibbons a telechull er a kebekuul el lbedul. Ileakl el derechuall el mo er a ikei el obekul a euang el saus er a chelsel a klobak.
/kuoll to be respected or honored.
kuoll a kirel a omengull; kullii a Chelid, kmull a uldesuel a chad, kmull a ilteet; omerreder a kuoll.
klullv.r.s.respected; honored.
klull a mla mekull; meteet a klull, kullii, kmull a ilteet; mengull.
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> We need to respect the village elders.
> I am not possessed by a devil; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me.

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