omeob, v.t.form; shape; create; spank.
omeob a meob; mebii a kukau, meob a blauang, bebeel. a omeob er ngii; meob a kukau, mebii a blauang, bebel a blauang. a omeob; mebii a blauang; bebeel a blauang a meob el mo er se el soal.
/bebeael be formed, shaped, created, or spanked.
bebael a kirel el obeob, meob a kukau el mo medemedemek, bebel.
beball a bebael.
bebleobv.r.s.redup.(generally) round in shape.
bebleob a ko er a bleob, telkib el bleob, blebelel.
v.r.s.formed; shaped; created.
blebael a bleob; omeob, mebii, meob a cheldechederir, blebelel.
bleob el chausexpr.statue.
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> The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived.

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