, v.t.send or see (person) off; return; send back; bring (bride) to prospective husband's family.
merader a mesa el merael; ngoderii a sechelil; ngmader a omerael; ngederel. a merader er ngii; sumesmechii. a merader; mesumech, mla ngmader a lleng el olekang, ngoderii, ngederel.
kengaderv.recip.see each other off.
kengader a di du el merader; kasmesumech, ngoderii; mesa el merael, ngederel.
mengaderv.erg. to be seen/sent off; is to be returned/sent back; (bride) is to be brought to prospective husband's family.
ngedall a kirel mengader; ngedall er a blil a chebechiil; ngoderii a ngelekel; merader a lleng el olekang; ngederel.
ngladerv.r.s.sent or seen off; returned; sent back; (bride) brought to prospective husband family.
nglader a mla mengader; mla ngoderii; ngelekel a nglader; ngederel
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> To accompany and send back.
Used of the people of Ngaraard district, especially Ngebuked villagers, as a reference to cowardice. When the clubhostess system (mongol) was practiced, in which a group of women from one village would be "abducted" (with the consent of village leaders) to serve as hostesses in the men's club of another village, it was customary for the women of Koror to be taken to a men's club in Ngebuked. This involved four trips by the men of Ngebuked past the hostile villages of Aimeliik: (i) to go to Koror to "abduct" the girls at a pre-designated place; (2) to bring the girls "secretly" back to Ngebuked; (3) to take the girls back to Koror for the payment (money payments to the girls' village chief, to the club to which the girls belong, and to the fathers of the more active girls); (4) the final trip home by the men. In each instance, the canoes of Ngebuked would be joined, by prearrangement, by canoes and warriors from Ngeremlengui as an escort past Aimeliik.
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> They returned the borrowed plates.

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