btuch,; military star (on hat or clothing).
btuch a klalo el kmard er a eanged a le klebesei, btuch er a ongos.
mekemad, n.war.
mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu.
merechorech, v.t.steal (including wife; girlfriend; etc.); rob; capture; kidnap.
merechorech a melai a diak le kloleklel el diak el olturk; rucherii a bail, ruchorech a udoud; recherechel.
merechorech, n.merechorech a ta er a bedengel a emull; ko er a baklild el mekedorem a llel me a chelechedal.
> They were determined to chase the robbers.
merechorech, n.thief.

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