meringel, n.hard liquor; pepper; red or green pepper.
merengeleln.poss.3smost difficult part (of work, etc.).
merengelel a meringel er ngii; meringel urreor; merengelel a urreor.
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> They're Koreans (who eat peppery food).
> Catching a pig is a difficult task.
> These people with headaches are the ones who are going to the hospital.
> The sun is shining so hard and she's at the farm with nothing on her head.
> Which part of your body hurts?
More Examples:
> Is it hard for you to say I love you?
> Who has a headache?
> Which part of your body hurs?
> My head hurts, or I have a headache.
> My foot(feet) hurts or I have sore feet.

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