bangch, n.bite.
bangch a omangch; mengiok, mangch; katuu a omangch er a beab; bengchel.
cheech, n.twisted tobacco or cigarette tobacco chewed with betel nut.
cheraches, n.falling or outgoing tide; misfortune; scarcity. .
cheraches a omerolel el mo meched a chei; merael el mo mekesai, cheraches er a udoud, cherchesel.
kse, n., [From Japanese] habit (commonly used for good habits (as well as bad) like getting children to brush their teeth everyday).
meringel a be strict.
meringel, v.s.hard; difficult; painful; sore; (liquor; etc.) potent; peppery; expensive; (matter) serious/grave.
meringel a ringel; meringel a bedengel; chuarm a rengul; meringel el urreor.
meringel, n.hard liquor; pepper; red or green pepper.
, n.throat.
omerekaol a klekedellel a chad, charm; sisebellel a kall, ilumel, omerekolel.

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