omar, v.t.slap (someone) in the face; slap (face).
omar a mengesbad; merengii, chosbad, mengelebed, omar a medal, berengel.
/merengii a omar er ngii; mengesbad er ngii; berengel. a omar; mengelebed; mengesuar, mar a mederir, merengii, berengel.
blarv.r.s.slapped in the face.
blar a mla obar; mechelebed, merngii, mar, blar a medal, berengel.
kebarv.recip.slap each other in the face.
kebar a didu el omar; kachelebed, mengelebed, merengii, mar a mederir, obar, berengel.
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> A ghost or evil spirit has slapped him (i.e. he's having an epileptic fit).
> It's my brother who has hit my friend.
More Examples:
> Watch it! I'm gonna smack you!
> Why are you making fist, wanna get smacked?

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