merous, v.t.divide up; distribute.
merous a omii; rousii a babii; remous a beras, rusel a kall.
/rusii a merous er ngii,omii er a ngii; remous, rusel. a merous; merukel, mla remous a kall er a blengur, remous a terekill; rusel a terekill.
v.r.s.divided up; distributed.
rrous a blii; mla merous; mii a kall er a kemeldiil; kall a rrous.
rruikl a mla merous; kall er a klobak a rruikl; rruklel. to be divided up or distributed.
ruikl a biongel; kirel el merous; rusel a kall; ruikl er a beluu. to be divided up/distributed.
rusall a reuikl; biongel, kirel merous.
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