mesaul, v.s.tired; weary.
mesaul a mechitechut; olengoech a bedengel, mesaul a rengul; saul, sulel; mesaul a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesulang, ng mesaul er ngak; sulel. getting tired.
mesulang a mla mo mesaul el ourreor mla tmurk a rengul; sulel er a omelaml.
mesaul a rengulexpr.not feel like.
See also:
> I'm too tired to come back to the house to get the water.
> The children's mother is tired.
> I was getting tired on my own.
> Thank you very much for your attention.
> Thank you very much. (lit., You've gotten very tired [from helping me, etc.]).
More Examples:
> No, thank you
> I'm not tired.
> Are you tired?
> No, thank you.
> Thank you. Formal.

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