mesubed, v.t.tell; announce to; inform.
mesubed a ouchais; subedii er a secher; subedeterir er a kodall; sbedel. a mesubed er ngii; ouchais.
kasbesubedv.recip.redup.tell or inform each other.
kasbesubed a didu el mesubed; kakerous el ouchais; kasbesubed er a kodall; subedii, sbedel.
kesubedv.recip.tell/inform each other.
kesubed a di du el mesubed; kauchais; kasbesubed, subedii, suubed, kasbesubed er a omengades.
v.r.s.told; informed.
klbadel a mla subedii; selubed, mla dmung me ng kirel el medengei
selubed a klbadel; mla mesubed; subedii; subed, beluu a selubed er a urreor; sbedel. getting informed.
mesbedang a mla mo mesubed a rengul; mla mo medengei; sbedel a reng.
mesbesubed er a rengulv.t.redup.prepare someone (psychologically) for something; pave the way for more serious discussion with someone; inform gradually or indirectly. told/informed.
/sbedall to be told or informed.
sbadel a kirel el mesubed; beluu a sbadel er a urreor; subedii a beluu, sbedel a urreor.
sbedall a sbadel.
mesbeda a rengulexpr.(person) come to realize or accept (fact, etc.).
mesubed a rengulexpr.accept; be resigned to; learn a lesson; learn from experience.
osbadel a silsexpr.approach noon.
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> Are you satisfied?/Don't you have adequate information or evidence?
> Did you go tell Ulang?
> You did tell Ulang?
> Go tell Ulang hi.
> Did you tell Ulang?

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