mesebechakl, v.t.defend; be on side of (person); help (person in danger).
mesebechakl a olseobel; sobecheklii a chad; sobechakl, olengeseu er a rosngang; osebecheklel. a mesebechakl er ngii; osobelii. a osobel; mesebechakl; sobechekiii a sechelil er a klakoad.
kasebechaklv.recip.defend or help each other.
kasebechakl a karuruul; mesebechakl, kaiuesobel, sobecheklii a sechelil, sobechakl, sebecheklel.
mesebechaklv.erg. to be defended or helped.
sebechekill a kirel el mesebechakl, sobecheklii, odesebii, ngoseuir, buik a sebechekill, sebecheklel.
v.r.s.defended; helped.
selebechakl a mla mesebechakl; mla mosobel; ultelechakl a selebechakl er a rechorech; sobecheklii, sebecheklel.
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