omesebes, v.t.tie (basket) closed by pulling string through open edges; tie up (billum = wrapped tapioca); tie (box) all over.
omesebes a melechet, mesaur, mesebesii a ulechem el ngikel; mesebes a billum, besebesel. a omesebes; melechet er a besebes, mesebes a billum, mesebesii a ngikel, besebesel.
besebesallv.a.s.(basket, box) is to be tied up.
besebesall a kirel el obesebes; mesebesii, mesaur, melechet a billum, omesebes.
v.r.s.(basket, box) tied up.
belsebes mla obesebes; mesebesii, mesebes a billum, melechet, mesaur.
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> Droteo intends to go fishing.

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