meses, v.s.strong; industrious; diligent; active.
meses a bekurreor; diak a ulengellel er a urreor; sesengel er a omenged; diak le mesaik.
osesv.s.oses a odikel, seberakl; diak a chelelleklel, oses el ngalek.
meses a eoltexpr.wind is strong.
meses a ochilexpr.(one) who likes to walk a lot.
meses a rengulexpr.industrious; diligent.
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> John is an industrious boy.
> The wind/storm has abated.
> That's why the wind always gets strong.
More Examples:
> it is likely that it will be windy tomorrow, lets just hope it doesnt get too strong.
> The leaders for our nation speak empty speeches.
> There was a typhoon here in Guam three days ago.
> It's very windy.

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