mesim, v.t.shake.
mesim a olsesei el choroid er a olsechelel; simengii a kingall el mong; suim a tebel, mesim a klalo e meledaes er a ulaol; smengel a tebel. a mesim er ngii; telkib el olsesei er ngii. a mesim; osesei el mong; suim el okeed; suim a rachel, suim a reng, otuchakl a uldasu; smengel a uldasu.
selim a ulsesei; mla mesim el mo bedul a bitang; simengii, suim a uldasu el ngmodech; smengel a uldasu.
/simengall to be shaken.
simengall a kirel el mesim; tebel a simengall el mong; simengii.
diak lemesim a rengulexpr.stick to one's convictions; not change one's mind.
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