omus, v.t.tie (clothes etc.) into bundle; pull vigorously; grab; (child) defecate into diaper.
omus a mengurs; omerober, omus a chutem, mesngii a ngalek er a delal, mus a udoud; besngel a chutem. omus a smuk, mesngii a kall er a mamed; mus a lius er a techiir, besngel. a omus er ngii; omail er ngii er a mamed; besngel a kall. a omus; mla mus a such, mla ngmai; mesngii, usngel a such.
/besngall to be tied into bundle; is to be pulled vigorously or grabbed.
besngall a kirel el obus, mesngii a chutem, mereberii, omerober, diak el ungil besngall a klalo; besngall a kirel el obus; mesngii a kall, mus, melemosem, besngel.
blusv.r.s.tied into bundle; pulled vigorously; grabbed.
blus a mla obus; mesemosem, medibuk, blus a kall, mesngii, mus, besngel a kall.
kabesbusv.recip.redup.pull (things) from each other.
kabesbus a kaiberober; di du el omus; omerober, mus a udoud, mesngii a ngalek, kabesbus er a udoud.
omesbusv.i.redup.(fishing line) keep pulling when fish bites.
omesbus a tekib el omus, mengurs, kereel a kokil el omesbus; kereel a melchesech.
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> I was still reading it and he came and yanked it out of my hands.
> He was running late this morning and left without his lunch.
> He was in a hurry so he just yanked it and ran out.
> The discussion was still ongoing and he left.

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