mesumech, v.t.spread out (blanket; clothing; etc.); send (message); massage (body); set/readjust (bones); restore.
mesumech a suumech a meringel, sumechii a chelam el chim; smechel a ringel. a mesumech er ngii; ngoderii a lleng el klalo. a mesumech; suumech a uldechuul er a bedengel; smechel.
kesumechv.recip.give messages for each other; massage each other.
kesumech a kebad a bedengir; di du el mesumech; omad a meringel; sumechii, suumech a bedengel, smechel a uldechuul; kesumech a di du el mesumech a tekoi; kaodurokl a klmechir, suumech a tekingel, smechel
klmochelv.r.s.(blanket, etc.) spread out; (message) sent; (body) massaged, restored.
klmochel a selumech; mla mesumech, sumechii a chedecholl, blerk; suumech a bar, smechel.
klumechv.r.s.(blanket; etc.) spread out; (body) massaged; restored; message sent.
klumech a mesumech a tekoi el mo er a cheroid; a ika klmechel el eko er kau.
selumechv.r.s.(blanket, etc.) spread out; (message) sent; (body) massaged; restored.
selumech a mla mesumech; ulul el seluched a selumech; sumechii; suumech a bedengel, smechel; selumech a mla mesumech; omerk er a ulaol; chedecholl a selumech, sumechii, suumech; selumech a ulluut; mla mengader; olutii a rrechorech el bail; sumechii a berrober el mesei; suumech a chetemel a telungalek.
v.a.s.(blanket, etc.) is to be spread out; (message) is to be sent; (body) is to be messaged; is to be restored.
smochel a suumech; mesumech, uldechuul a smochel a bedengel; sumechii a bdelul; smechel a uldechuul.
smechall a kirel mesumech; smochel; oluut; sumechii a chutem; suumech a udoud; smechel; olutel.
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> Why do you ask me to give (someone) a message for you and then come yourself?
> To delegate, then to do.
The word mesumch involves the act of going on an errand or mission, hence "delegate." The phrase may be applied to a leader who asks a subordinate to do something, then does it himself.

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