metang, v.s.(road) forked.
metang a metengal; metengal a rael; metang el kerrekar a ngar er ngii a metengal.
beritengetangv.s.redup.forked or branched in many places; (tree) having many branches.
beritengetang a betok a metengal; beritngetang el kerrekar.
kautangv.recip.crossing each other to form an X.
melengetangv.s.redup.wandering around; having no fixed abode.
melengetang a merael a delengchokl; mengesuch a blai.
beritengetang a churalexpr.have a forked tongue; say one thing on one occasion and something else the next.
See also:
> Your friend speaks with a forked tongue.
> Like eating a forked taro corm.
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) generally grows like a single fat carrot. Some corms, however, develop one or more points or forks. The image conveyed by this idiom is that of a man beset by many tasks, trying to decide among them.
> Like the green tree snake with a forked tongue (or simply, "Forked").
One who reverses himself, has two tongues, or whose tongue is forked like a snake.

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