melilech, v.t.throw (person) down (in wrestling, etc.); smash open (young coconut); hit (head) against; (bird) drop (itself) to surface of water. a melilech er ngii; nguu el mengkengkii. a melilech; tilechii a dubech; tmilech a ochil er a ulaol; telechel.
ketilechv.recip.throw each other down.
ketilech a kabedechakl; di du el omedechakl; melilech, tmilech a dubech, tilechii a ochil; telechel.
meteltilechv.erg.redup.(young coconut) easily smashed open; (fruits, coconuts, etc.) keep falling.
meteltilech a mereberebet el ngar er ngii a teltelechel, mengur a meteltilech; telechel.
telilechv.r.s.thrown down; smashed open.
telilech a beldechakl; mla metilech; tmilech a ochil el kesib a rengul; tilechii a sechelil; melilech, telechel; blengkangk er a ulaol.
metilech, v.i.(person) collapse onto the floor.
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