metur, v.s.(boat, etc.) slow; (person) afraid of dark.
metur a beketimer; diak le bekerurt; mlim a metur er a mlik.
metetiturv.s.t.redup.rather unfamiliar with.
metetitur a telkib el metitur.
metiturv.s.t.not know how to; be incapable of; cannot (do something).
metitur a diak le meduch; metitur el meloik; telitur er a urreor; metitur er a odekial a reng; telitur.
oumetituroumetitur er ngii; meduch e meruul er ngii el metitur.
teliturn.lack of experience; lack of ability; an inability (to do something).
Synonyms: , , , , , ,
> John doesn't know (how to speak) Chinese.
> Toki doesn't know how to swim.
More Examples:
> My lack of experience prevented me from maintaining any relationships.
> I really don't know how to drive these Japanese cars.

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