melord, v.t.irritate; annoy; frustrate.
melord a tomellii a rengul; tordii a delal; bechil a telord, terdel. a melord er ngii; tomellii a rengul.
beketertordv.s.redup.easily irritated or frustrated.
beketertord a mereched el metord; tord, metemall a rengul, tordii, terdel. disappointed by each other's behavior.
ketord a didu el metord; tordii a bechil; katertord; telemall a delongelir, teredel.
metordv.erg.get annoyed or irritated by; get fed up with.
telordv.r.s.irritated; annoyed; frustrated.
telord a mekngit a rengul; telemall a rengul; mla metord e merael; tordii a bechil, terdel. to be irritated/annoyed/frustrated.
See also:
> Toki is fed up with her husband, so she's living at her father's place.
> He's like the chambered nautilus whose shell is very fragile.
When provoked, he gets easily irritated or angered. The Palauan believes that the chambered nautilus lives in the sea at great depth and, at the slightest touch against a rock, its shell is broken and it drifts to the surface where it dies. The saying may be applied to a poor sport, one who angers easily or who reacts badly when the victim of a prank.
More Examples:
> Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.

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