mengesureor, v.t.cook (food) with coconut syrup or something sweet.
mengesureor a omult er a merekos; chosureor a miich; chesurel a miich
, n.
tropical almond (tree; nut or meat inside nut).
miich a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall a rdechel; michel. A miich a dellomel; ng kmal el mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng kmeed el ua a keam. A redechel a mekekerei el di ua a meklungel a redechel a titimel. Kede ometech e melai a techel le ng kall.
, for pounding nuts of tropical almond or shellfish.
ometochel a olsechall er a uetech; ometochel el miich, metechii, metech a miich.
omiich, v.t.sift; filter; get at the truth of (some matter).
omiich a meleakl a ungil er a mekngit, kerrekeriil a miich a klemerang, bichel.
tech, n.meat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food).
tech a chelsel a chad, charm; techel a babii, techel a malk, techel a ngikel.
uetech, n.any object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing.
uetech a klekedall el ometech; uetech el bad, uetech a diak el kirel el mo er a blai, otechel.

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