omechell, v.t.give birth to; assist (woman) in delivery.
omechell a cheroll, mechell el betok a rengelekel, mechellii a tolechoi, cherellel. a omechell er ngii.
mlechelln.r.s.woman who has just given birth.
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> I was born in Koror.
> Toki has had a baby.
> Toki has had children.
> A child has been born.
> Narrow was our birth as humans.
The saying defines life as a confined, perilous journey, symbolized by the painful narrowness of the birth canal. Generally applied to the trials of life, or sometimes by a parent to a child that does not want to do his chores.
More Examples:
> What month was your friend born in?
> The frogs laid their eggs in the moat around the taro swamp.
> Go see the hen that has laid her eggs and bring a couple so we can cook them.
> My wife gave birth three days ago.
> I was born In Guam.

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