melasem, v.t.try (out); practice; check; challenge; imitate. .
melasem a mesuub; suub, esemii a kladikm el meloik; esemel. a omelasem er ngii; melasem. a mla measem; ulsemuul, esemii a ngloik, melasem.
/esomel to be tried out/challenged.
esemall a kirel el measem; meues el mo ungil, kirel mo er a omelasem er a uchei er a bo ltobed; esemii, esemel a ngloik.
ilasemv.r.s.tried out; challenged.
ilasem a mla measem; ulsemuul, esemii a ngloik, melasem.
keasemv.recip.challenge each other.
keasem a didu el melasem; esemii, te keasem a nglikir, iuasem a beches el mlai, esemel.
measemv.erg.measem a ilasem; esemii a nglikel, mla measem a ngloik, melasem er ngii, esemel.
melselasemv.redup.keep trying or challenging.
melselasem a mekekokil el melasem.
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> Are you challenging me?
> He held discussions in the synagogue, trying to convince both Jews and Greeks.
> Elilai was really trying to be courageous.
> I tried to eat the fish.
More Examples:
> I'm very busy but trying to squeeze some time to come visit you.
> I don't want to become the subject of gossip so I will try to be well-behaved.
> Im going to try to stop my betelnut chewing.
> He is trying to squeeze his hand through the window to open the door.

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