omsaker, v.i.put loincloth on (person); tie around.
omsaker a locha usaker; msekerii a buik; msaker a telechull; usekerel. a omsaker er ngii; loia usaker. aomsaker; locha usekerel.
musakerv.erg.musaker a melecha usaker; msekerii; msaker, omsaker; loia usekerel.
ulsakerv.r.s.girded with loincloth; tied around.
ulsaker a mla musaker; ngar ngii a usekerel; ousaker, ulsekoll, rubak a ulsaker, msekerii, msaker, usekerel. to be girded with loincloth; is to be tied around.
usekerall a kirel el musaker; msekerii; loia usekerel.
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