omtechei, v.i.change; replace; substitute; return (favor); succeed (someone); take (someone's) place.
omtechei a kaitutechei; msa babier e nguu a oluches, nguu a klok e msa kebkab; omtechei a saul, techil. a omtechei er ngii, techil. a omtechei; locha techil; mtechir a bail er a klok.
v.r.s.changed; replaced; succeeded.
beltechei a ultechei; ngalek el mechell el ngar ngii a dibus me a lechub a telemall er ngii.
kaitutecheiv.recip.exhange (things).
kaitutechei a klaitutechei; didu el omtechei, kaiuengoid, nguu a bail e msa a klok; omtechei, mtechei, klok a techil a bail; mtechir
mutecheiv.erg.mutechei a omtechei; chutem a mla mutechei er a mlai. mtechir a klok er a bail.
omtetecheiv.t.redup.omtetechei a telkib el omtechei.
ultecheiv.r.s.changed; replaced; succeeded; abnormal; crazy.
ultechei a mla mutechei; ulengoid, omtechei; mtechir a chutem er a mlai; klok a ultechei er a klilt.
ultetecheiv.r.s.redup.tetched (mildly deranged); somewhat crazy.
/utechioll to be changed, replaced or succeeded.
utechioll a kirel el mutechei; kirel el mengodech; mtechei a babier, mtechir a chado; omekbeches.
omtechei a rengulexpr.get back at; do to someone as he does to you.
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> I changed the handle for my three prong spear.

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