meliik, v.t.remove (excrement) with showel.
meliik a ngiekii; ngmiik a dach; ngikel a dach.
/ngiekii a meliik er ngii; meliik a dach. a meliik a dach; melai el mengoit.
ngikallv.a.s.(excrement) is to be removed.
ngliikv.r.s.(excrement) removed.
ngliik a mla mengiik; nglai a dach er ngii, ngikel a dach.
meloik a meruul er a ngloik; oukarkimenai; oumatmatong; nglikel.
v.redup. to be danced.
ngikall a kirel el meloik er ngii; ngera el ngloik a ngikall? karkimenai me a ngera a ngikall?
sekengloikv.s.(someone who) dances a lot.
See also:
> They're dancing "karekimenai".
More Examples:
> Did you dance?
> Yes, a lot of people were dancing.
> He dances well but lacks charisma.
> My wife is a good dancer.

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