melim, v.t.drink.
melim a omerkakl a ralm; soak el melim a mengur; ngilmii, nguim a rrom. a melim er ngii. a melim; mla nguim a kar.
v.t.redup.drink slowly; sip.
melelmelim a mekekokil el melim; diak lorreched el melim.
mengimv.erg.mengim a nglim el mla mengim el mo diak; nguim, ngelmel a mengur.
nglimv.r.s.(beverage) drunk.
nglim a mla mengim; mengur a nglim; mla mo diak; te mla nguim
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> Whenever you get thirsty, you drink nectar from the flowers in the trees.
> I drank up all the bottles of beer.
> What are you drinking?
> I drank up the whole bottle of beer.
> To eat and drink by the mast tip.
The ucharm (bird) is the hardwood tip at the top of the canoe mast. The person to whom the idiom is applied is accused of thriving on gifts from other places. Particularly it may be applied to persons of a highranking village who rather expect that visitors in canoes from other villages will come provisioned with gifts-thus, those who watch for the canoes. Sometimes the idiom goes: Ngkora chad ra Oreor, "Like the man of Koror," with reference to the high ranking community of Koror in central Palau.
More Examples:
> I'll have water.
> John, you've poured my drink so full that I will not be able to drink it all.
> I'm drinking water
> And what do you want to drink?
> We use spoons to each soup.

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