ngloik a olechotel a kliangel me a deurreng; meloik, diak el ua ngloik er a bai; nglikel.
nglikeln.poss.3snglikel a ngloik er ngii el ekebil.
blil a hall.
nglikel a Tokiexpr.Toki's way of dancing.
See also:
> I got more and more interested in/excited about the dance.
More Examples:
> Was there much dancing?
> The dance is really something good to be seen.
oked, v.t.instruct; command; give calls for dancing (e.g. in matamatong); direct; call into action; organize.
oked a mengedereder; mesmechokl; oked a ngloik; tekoi, kodur, kmed a urreor, kedul.
kledv.r.s.directed; organized.
kled a beruadel, madelkled a medal a ungil a rengul; madelkled a klebokel el meloik.
kodur a mekemadexpr. declare war.
oked er a ngloik leader; dance caller; the person who leads the chant or song accompanying a dance.
> We have no direction or organization.
> He keeps given instructions that no one listens to./He tells people he's going to do a lot, but he doesn't do much after all.
> Heaped on by the commander.
Applied to a leader who piles work upon work until the various tasks become meaningless.
More Examples:
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.

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